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Contemporary Romance

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ISBN: 978-0-9814521-0-4


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Price: $12.95

A Heart's Journey: To Quench a Thirsty Soul

This refreshing, modern day love story is a tantalizing tale of a young woman, Cierra Sykes, who is determined to have peace, love, and serenity in her life. While Cierra tries to survive her parents' turbulent home, she discovers the depths of her desires. Just when she believes she has serenity with her beloved college sweetheart, Christopher Jackson, fate chooses a different path that leaves her deep in despair. While putting the pieces of her broken heart back together, she becomes desperate to understand the wrongs against her. Obsessed with finding a way out of her anguish, she falls prey to Kyle Dexter, a notorious drug dealer hunted by the DEA. As federal agent, Paul Phillips closes in, he develops a fondness for Cierra but is unable to help her. Cierra turns to her faith to guide her through her heart's journey but even her faith is tested. Does God hear prayers? Life unleashes its lessons, teaching her about turmoil, betrayal, and persecution. She rides the wave of disappointment, buoying through her circumstances until one day she decides to take fate into her own hands to relieve her torn spirit and make those around her take notice.

Another Time, Another Place

Led and edited by New York Times bestselling author Zane, Another Time, Another Place transports sensuous and steamy encounters across the world and through history. From when pharaohs ruled to forbidden romances during the Vietnam War, to the subconscious and natural phenomena, this anthology showcases the popular talents of contributors, Janice N. Adams, Rique Johnson, Shawan Lewis, and Dywane D. Birch. These five novellas take readers to places they've only imagined, providing stimulating details and a satisfying read. With its lush settings and taste for the unknown, Another Time, Another Place is a treat for the adventurous soul. This delicious collection, featuring five of the hottest African-American authors today, brings whole new worlds to life.

About My Father's Business

This Christian based book is a delightful, spiritually engaging read that feeds your mind, body, and soul with words of wisdom. The prevailing statements within the book will surely help you through the demanding world we live. Spend a moment of your day nurturing your inner core. Get in tuned, be enlightened, and gain knowledge of the One who makes all things possible. Sunday services are brought to your doorstep in a clear, down-to-earth style that you will enjoy. The encouraging messages are timeless and thought provoking. A portion of books sales is donated to Breast Cancer research in support of a finding a cure.

About My Father's Footsteps

With words to live by and information to gain, this Christian based book of inspiration is spectacular. The wonderful collection of refined messages helps men and women achieve their spiritual goals. The book is filled with wisdom, empowering individuals with insight and knowledge. The thought provoking compilation reemphasizes the teachings of the One who paved a way for mankind. Skillfully crafted with realism and practicality, About My Father's Footsteps encourages people to examine their lives and offers guidance on how to manage daily interactions and obstacles. The rewarding advice is motivating and fills the human spirit with a sense of triumph.
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