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About Janice N. Adams

When it comes to entertaining and encouraging, few others share the passion of Janice N. Adams.  Because of her love for people, she spreads enthusiasm wherever she's present.  Her high-energy and wonderful personality are just a couple reasons why you will gravitate to her.  Her writing is another.

Janice is a published author who ignites life into fictional characters and story lines.  Her arousing novels, novellas, and short stories take your mind away from the daily hustle bustle as you laugh, cry, and cheer for her characters.

She started writing at an early age when she discovered a natural talent for the art.  Her gift was acknowledged by teachers from elementary school to college professors, each suggested that she nurture her skill.  Over the years, she maintained her creativity and writing interest.  Today, she shares her dream of writing with you. In 2015, she co-wrote and co-edited the show bible for "Black Rose", an award winning drama series at the 2015 New York Television Festival. You can experience the spice of her skillful writing in her novella, "A Twisted State of Mind" featured in the anthology, Another Time, Another Place by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Zane. You will be enthralled with the emotion she brings in her fiction novel, A Heart's Journey:To Quench a Thirsty Soul.  In addition, Janice published two, Christian based, non-fiction books of inspiration, About My Father's Footsteps and About My Father's Business that were released in the spring of 2009. Currently, she is finalizing her next novel, Deep Waters: A Heart's Journey Part Two.

She is a native of Richmond, Virginia and currently resides in Northern Virginia.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1988.  Her professional career spans over twenty years in the areas of Project Management, Information Technology, and Organizational Assessment for both corporate and government entities.  In 2008, she established Javista Books, a publishing company, to produce print and digital literary works that uplift, entertain, and inspire the human spirit.  She is an active member of her community providing support and contributions to local churches and charities.  In addition to writing, she enjoys photography, interior design, sports, music, and movies.  She is a loving and proud mother of two sons.
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